“My ambition is to entertain the audience. And to create films, which unite fantastic stories, a different point of view and subtle social criticism. Always with a fine sense of humor.”

Werner Fiedler @ TIFF Kids Awards Toronto. Foto: Connie TsangWerner Fiedler started his career as an freelance editor and cameraman in the 90’s, where he learned the craft of filmmaking from scratch. His passion has always been the fiction film, the storytelling and the creation of empathy. Therefore he currently focuses on the development of own ideas and scripts. His latest short film HALIM won several awards at international film festivals.




International awards:

  • 2017 – People’s Choice Award for HALIM – TIFF Kids Int’l Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
  • 2017 – Special Jury Award for HALIM – Short to the Point, Bukarest, Romania
  • 2017 – Best Film & Best Actor for HALIM – Bangalore Shorts Film Festival, India
  • 2017 – Best Actor for HALIMMednarodni Film Fest, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
  • 2017 – Official Selection for HALIMAcademy Awards® qualifying Rhode Island Int’l Film Festival
  • 2017 – Best Director for HALIM – Indian Cine Film Festival, Mumbai, India
  • 2017 – Best Short Film for HALIM – 13th Rolan Int’l Film Festival for Children and Youth, Yerevan, Armenia
  • 2017 – Audience Award for HALIM – K3 Film Festival, Villach, Austria
  • 2018 – Dr. Jagdish Gandhi & Dr. Bharti Ghandi Special Jury Award for HALIM – 10th CMS Int’l Children’s Film Festival, Lucknow, India
  • 2016 – People’s Choice Award for BEINBALL – Austrian Independent Film Festival, Vienna

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