Short | A 2014 | Drama | 21 min. | 16:9 | Stereo


Heimo (Reinhard Nowak) is a man in his fifties, he is unfit and an enthusiastic football fan. The matches are the most important thing in his otherwise boring life. One day when Heimo left home there was no more football. The whole sport was gone. Nobody knows football, even the stadium is gone. At first he thinks it is all a bad joke. But he slowly has to realise what he does not want to accept.

People on the streets avoid Heimo, when he wants to remind them of his favourite sport. Nobody takes much notice of him and his self-made ball. Heimo did not see much point in his life. But then a little girl called Ivana brings unexpected hope in his destroyed world. He changes his plans and blows inevitably the starting whistle for his own final game.

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Audience Award – Best Short Film
Austrian Independent Film Festival 2016


Heimo: Reinhard Nowak
Colleague: Julius Peter Vanecek
Friend: Andreas Lugmayer
Landlord: Peta Klotzberg
Homeless: Erhard Hartmann
Mother: Michaela Kis
Ivana: Nellie Schilling
Bank Employee: Daniela Moser
Police Officer: Georg Dotschekal


Screenplay, Director, Editor: Werner Fiedler
Camera Operator: Michael Egger
Gaffer: Othmar Hofer
Set Design: Rainer Auinger
Costume Design: Birgit Wieczorek
Sound Recordist: Adrian Hanschitz
Film Score Composer: Markus Bratusa
Sound Design: Andreas Frei